The self-regulatory organization
«The National organization of Art Experts» - NOEXI

December 22, 2005. The professional guild of experts
« The National organization of Art Experts» NOEXI is created in Moscow.

The Founders of NOEXI are the famous Russian experts representing all the basic professional specializations. Among them: Natalia Avtonomova (The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts), Eugenia Georgievskaya (The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts), Andrey Gilodo (All-Russian Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts Museum), Elena Dolgich (All-Russian Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts Museum), Natalia Ignatova (The Grabar Art Conservation Center), Irina Krasnikova (The State Tretyakov Gallery), Denis Lukashin (Art Consulting), Lyudmila Markina (The State Tretyakov Gallery), Victoria Ìàrkova (The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts ), Lyudmila Marts (The State Tretyakov Gallery), Vitaly Mishin (The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts ), Tatiana Muntyan (The State Historical and cultural Museum-preserve «The Moscow Kremlin»), Vladimir Petrov (The State Tretyakov Gallery), Elvira Sametskaya (All-Russian Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts Museum), Andrey Sarabyanov (publishing house «Russian avant-garde»), Dmitry Sarabyanov (Russian Academy of Science), Galina Smorodinova (The State Historical Museum), Galina Churak (The State Tretyakov Gallery), Natalia Sheredega (The State Tretyakov Gallery). A chosen chairman of board of NOEXI is Evgeny Zyablov (The State Center for Museums and Exhibitions “ROSIZΔ).

The creation of independent self-regulatory expert organization in the field of art is the necessity which has been dictated by a present condition of the domestic market of art and has demanded for association of efforts of all national experts’ community.
“It was already discussed at last antiquarian salon, where antique dealers had suggested creating a guild of experts. But it is not correct. Antique dealers should not create a guild of experts. It would become then a body of antique dealers and worked to provide their purposes. Experts should create it themselves.” said Andrey Sarabyanov, the general director of publishing house « Russian avant-garde », a member of council of NOEXI
Galina Churak a manager of the department of painting of second half of XIX – beginning of XX centuries of The State Tretyakov Gallery, a member of council of NOEXI said: “As the conditions of the market are new, the new forms of interactions between experts and the expert centers are required also. The situation in the art-market calls us for unity … The strategic purpose is plain: we would like, the art-market were clear, pure, professional, that the people engaged in examinations were highly professional and highly responsible.”
“The market is wild, chaotic. And it is not only that the art market is not adjusted, but also the activities of experts somehow are not formulated and hence are not certain, and it, certainly, is very bad and very harmful. How to define a measure of the responsibility of expert? The customer, receiving an expert judgment, should understand what he is to rely upon, in what degree tool and technological research and the conclusion of the expert will provide to him a confidence of authenticity of a thing.” said Natalia Ignatova, the leading scientific employee of the department of examination of The Grabar Art Conservation Center, a member of council of NOEXI

The position of principle of founders has defined the basic authorized purposes of «The National organization of Art Experts »:
- Assistance to the development and perfection of regulation system of the market of cultural values;
- Establishment of high professional and ethical standards and rules of activities of experts and execution of their observance control;
- Realization of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of experts.

The interaction with the establishments of executive power concerning regulation of the art-market is one of key directions of work of NOEXI. In particular, to «ROSOKHRANKULTURA» (the State institution of protection of cultural values) the offers are already directed, on interaction with NOEXI concerning attestation of experts in the field of arts. Such cooperation gets a special urgency in connection with a preparation for statement by «ROSOKHRANKULTURA» a project of «The Order of attestation of Experts of Cultural Values by Federal Service of supervision over observance of the legislation in sphere of mass communications and protection of a cultural heritage». This document had been developed before creation of NOEXI and the presence of self-regulatory organization in the branch had not been taken into consideration. Therefore the project is based on formal requirements in attestation of experts, which, because of relative simplicity of observance of such requirements, would only create one next covering for the forgers and falsifiers. The council of NOEXI has no doubt that «ROSOKHRANKULTURA» will take a new opportunity to use the institute of self-regulation and the collective experience of the experts’ environment as missing elements of a design and will create the correct and so necessary mechanism of the control and supervision in sphere of the art-market.
Natalia Sheredega, the scientific employee of the department of old Russian art of The State Tretyakov Gallery, a member of council of NOEXI said: “It is not only the appearance of the fakes that matters. In my opinion, the most terrible thing is going on. They create the alternative, forged history of art.”
“Only in cooperation with experts and all interested persons the state can develop regulations of the market, plan the certain system of relations between antique dealers, experts, museums, buyers … And today our market is not only uncivilized, but also has an obvious criminal bias … If you are the specialist in some area where you have been engaged, you are obliged to be the expert as well. And our hastily arisen market has put forward necessity of presence of the lots of people for performance of examinations. And such people have appeared. They name themselves simply EXPERTS. But they are not specialists, and so the further, so the more clearly we understand it. It should lead to the mistakes. The situation in which people began to consider themselves as experts, not being specialists, is a situation of FULL ABSURDITY. And that is what we have today in the market of art » said Victoria Ìàrkova, leading scientific employee of The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, a member of council of NOEXI

Recently more and more often we can hear about discredit of museum experts and, in this connection about a possible interdiction to museums on rendering of services on examination. A collective position of members of NOEXI is that the right of rendering of the expert services should be left to the museums. The experts’ community considers, that in museums’ practice, as well as in private activities of experts, the uniform rules and standards protecting the museums, and experts, and the clients should be developed. NOEXI is ready to initiate the development of corresponding standards of services.
Lyudmila Markina, a member of council of NOEXI: top manager of the department of painting of XVIII century of The State Tretyakov Gallery said: “The museum reputation should be faultless. Certainly, for a museum to refuse the examinations and all contacts to the art-market is a radical way to keep the « cleanliness of numbers ». If there is no examination - there is no problem. But, probably, it is not absolutely correct. In fact museums are the keepers of values; in particular, keepers of those standards that make the basis on which lots of examinations are carried out.”
“Our originality consists in the circumstance that museum employees act as experts in the antiquarian market. You will not meet that in any other country of the world. There the moral code does not allow it. But it has developed so because during the Soviet times the expert practice had been concentrated almost exclusively in museums. It is impossible to learn understanding painting, not holding it in hands. In our country, only museum collections give this practice. It differs in the West as they have for a long time a well developed antiquarian market where in a turn there is a grate number of old works of art besides those that they have in the museums. Therefore, when it is said today, that somewhere in Russia (away from museums), there should arise a new generation of experts, that is a complete error. From nothing arises. The ground is necessary.” said Victoria Ìàrkova.
Andrey Gilodo, the head of department of metal of All-Russian Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts Museum, a member of council of NOEXI said: “The professional community of experts should, and it will promote change of the attitude to the examination in the professional environment and as well in a society as a whole. Today, too easily and too often it is very bitingly said, about dishonesty of experts, about their incompetence … .So, it is actually necessary to create again a high level of trust to the works of Russian art, both, within the limits of museum activity, and within the limits of internal and external antiquarian markets.”

Extraction from the Charter of the noncommercial self-regulatory organization «The National Organization of Art Experts » - (NOEXI).

NOEXI solves the following problems:
Promotes development and introduction of the rules directed on the prevention of unfair actions of participants of the market of cultural values;
Represents interests of experts’ community in mutual relations with bodies of the government and management;
Promotes the resolution of disputes, arising between the members of NOEXI or other parties at realization by them of professional activities in the market of cultural values;
Imposes sanctions and applies measures of influence to the members breaking the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, and also the requirements of the Charter and internal documents of NOEXI;
Carries out scientific researches, develops and realizes curriculums and the plans directed to increase the professional qualification and to preparation of experts in activities’ sphere of the Guild;
Prepares and publishes the information materials, educational and methodical means, various kinds of the scientific and technical documentation, scientific works and lectures; organizes scientific and scientifically - practical seminars, conferences;
Within the limits of its competence establishes qualifying requirements to experts of the market of cultural values, defines their qualification and gives out qualifying certificates;
Carries out cooperation with, legal and physical persons their associations and unions, bodies of the government and local self-management including participants of the market of cultural values who are not members of NOEXI;
Carries out initiative researches of structure of goods and the services presented in the market of cultural values, and also of current condition of examination and attribution as a whole;
Enters into the direct and public discussions with the organizers of events and processes in the sphere of art, professional participants of the market of art, experts and corresponding institutes, both, in the Russian Federation and behind its limits.

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