On April, 04, 2006
in Moscow the Council of «National organization of Art Experts» (NOEXI) had accepted the "Code of Ethics".

The members of Council of NOEXI are the leading Russian experts - namely: Natalia Avtonomova, Evgenie Georgievskaja, Andrey Gilodo, Elena Dolgikh, Natalia Ignatova, Irina Krasnikova, Denis Lukashin, Lyudmila Markina, Victoria Markova, Lyudmila Marts, Vitaly Mishin, Tatyana Muntian, Vladimir Petrov, Elvira Sametskaia, Andrey Sarabianov, Vladimir Sarabianov, Dmitry Sarabianov, Galina Smorodinova, Galina Churak, Natalia Sheredega.

On March, 30, 2006
The international Conference
«Problems of protection of intellectual property»
Organized by the Russian academy of justice took place in Moscow

Judges of the Supreme and Higher Arbitration Courts of the Russian Federation, representatives of judicial bodies of Russia, representatives of the State Duma, the federal ministries and the departments that are dealing with the problems of protection of intellectual property, representatives of law enforcement bodies, the scientific organizations and the professional organizations of experts, authors and legal owners participated in the Conference.

On February, 14, 2006

the parliamentary hearings " About legislative measures and technical methods of counteraction to a turnover of counterfeit, forged and poor-quality production in the Russian Federation " took place in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The Hearings were organized by the Committee on Economic Policy, Business and Tourism, and had passed under the presidency of Katrenko V. S. the vice-president of the Federal Assembly of the State Duma of Russian Federation.

The summary of the report " About a current state of affairs and measures of counteraction to a turnover of the forged cultural values ", prepared by NOEXI to the parliamentary hearings on February, 14, 2006

December 22, 2005
The professional guild of experts " The National organization of Art Experts" NOEXI is created in Moscow.

The creation of independent self-regulatory expert organization in the field of art is the necessity which has been dictated by a present condition of the domestic market of art and has demanded for association of efforts of all national experts' community.